Who Said Parenting Would Be Easy?


Who said parenting would be easy? 

Meet Tiffany Silver--a single mom of 3, with a degree in Business Administration. Tiffany works two jobs (one full-time and one part-time) to support her children while putting one through college. We all know parenting is hard and being a single parent is even harder. It requires sacrifices to accommodate your children's lives, while trying to maintain your sanity and keep your household together.  

I had the opportunity to sit down with Tiffany Silver and get some parenting 101 on how she raises her family: 

Being a single mom raising teenagers what are some of the difficulties you face? (differences between raising your son/ daughters). As a female, trying to teach my son how to be a man and teaching my daughters about self-respect, self-love and patience in this microwave society is the most difficulty that I face with my children. Each one of them are different and require a different type of love. My oldest daughter (20) has always been independent and self-sufficient while my youngest daughter (12) is head strong but less independent than her sister when she was her age. My son is at the stage where he is searching for who he is but hasn’t quite found himself.

With violence and the unknown around every corner what are some of the things you do as a parent to prevent those possibilities from happening to your household? I constantly worry about my children. Gangs, violence, tv programs and songs are all negative influences that our children encounter every day. I cannot tell you how much I pray for my children. I also try to keep them as busy as possible involved in sports, mentor programs and attending church. Talking to them on a regular basis and letting them know that I am always here for them.

As a single mom, how important is co-parenting? I think co-parenting so very important! A child needs both their mom and their father. As hard as a mother tries, she can’t teach a young man how to be a man. A father needs to be the first man that their daughter falls in love with. To show her how she is always to be treated. A mother and father both have so much to contribute to a child’s development.


As a parent there are many things we wish to pass down to our children, if you had 3 choices what are 3 things you wish you could pass down and why? Determination…I want to go after everything they want in life and know that they can have it if they put forth the effort and drive. Understanding…Remember that they are a child of God and have been set on a different path than others. Understand that life is one big challenge that they will face on a daily basis. But with God, they can get through anything as long as He is first. Love…Know that they have parents who love them and only want the best for them. For them to love each other and always be there for one another as my siblings are for me.

We would like to thank Tiffany for sharing her story with us on parenting 101. As we wish Tiffany and her family continued blessings in her journey we call Parenthood.