Travel : Places To Eat In Seattle

So, let’s be clear I am a city person through and through; which means I don’t enjoy hiking, I will literally burn down a house to eliminate one spider, and I hate sand between my toes. By now I would assume that some people reading this are asking “Well where the hell do you vacation?” Great question, I vacation in the city. Now when bae and I need to get away we love visiting other cities! This week we are visiting Seattle, and we are absolutely in love with Seattle by the way.

Now when recharging in a city we like to play it loose but have a skeleton plan. We plan two things breakfast and dinner. It’s important to, at the very least plan for breakfast. If you do it right it will put you in the part of the city you want to explore. For example, my wife and I are planning on moving to South Seattle so we decided to have breakfast at a place called Cheeky Café, this place has amazing gluten free pancakes and a childhood favorite of mine, spam and eggs! I know y’all are saying how are you not gonna eat gluten, trying to be healthy but turn around and eat spam. Let me live ok, everything in moderation people! Now after breakfast we walked the neighborhood to get a feel for what it would be like to live there, it’s also a great opportunity to walk off the food. We are on vacation so naturally we find ourselves in a bar having red beers asking the bartender what’s happening in the city for the weekend. Whenever you are taking vacation in the city and you want to know what’s happening or where you should go don’t google it, find a bar or tavern and ask the bartender, we have never been disappointed, surprised yes but never disappointed.

Picture Is From : Fat Chicken and Waffle.

Picture Is From : Fat Chicken and Waffle.

After a few drinks again…….don’t judge us, we are on vacation. Like I was saying after our drinks we walk to the park and chill. Every vacation my wife and I use the alone time to check in. In the past what ruins vacations is the same thing that ruins relationships, lack of communication. Sometimes you may want to lounge around while your partner wants to explore a museum. Knowing each others expectations will eliminate miscommunications and allow you and your partner to enjoy your vacay. This particular trip my wife wanted to hang with another couple and I wanted to eat at this restaurant called Lions Head, famous for their spicy fried chicken. We set up dinner that evening at the place and boom we killed two birds with one stone. The next day my wife mentioned she hasn’t had good chicken a waffle in a while so we found a place, before anyone says “I don’t get it?” there is nothing to get, you either you like it or you don’t, its food not a math problem. I don’t get chitterlings but I don’t go around slapping intestines off your fork. We found a place called Fats Chicken and Waffle. One word, Amazing! The place is small there are maybe 15 tables in there and if you catch it on the weekend you may have to wait but it’s worth every minute. They actually have something called “Henny Butter” I’m choosing not to explain what it is, if you know then you know. If you’re picking up on the pattern good for you, if not another thing we do to ensure both parties enjoy the getaway is honoring each others pick. My wife chose breakfast so I chose the dinner spot which as you may have guessed involved a drink or two.

Whether you are a city vacationer or like to get out into the wilderness keep the planning to minimum and respect each other's wishes when it comes to activities. You are on vacation try to enjoy it!  My tips will not only help you enjoy your vacation, but also help keep the arguing to a minimum while on vacation.


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