Active Shooter : Tips For Protecting Your Family


Today we are living in a world where “It’s easier to get an AK47 than a visa in the Unites States of America,” as stated by Rihanna. Just let that sink in and let her words vibrate in your brain.  This statement describes the state that America is currently in. In a span 24hrs we’ve had two mass shootings in El Paso and Ohio. Senseless acts of crime have turned people lives upside down and a simple errand to Wally’s World can now hold severe consequences. How can you prevent it? How can we avoid it? And what can we do?

To answer the first and second question how can you prevent /avoid it? You simply can’t unless you can see in the future; there’s literally danger of the unknown around every corner making it nearly impossible to prevent or avoid it. But there is something you can do to help you and your family if you find yourself in a similar situation.

1.     Know your surroundings; be aware of the exits and have a plan of how to get out upon entering a building.

 2.     Become familiar of active shooter drills and have your family practice active shooter drills at home.

 3.     Be vigilant! Being self-aware of others’ demeanor and clothing (trench coat in summer, mask covering face, or a guy acting extremely nervous) can save your life and others.

 4.     When parking your car make sure you can quickly get to it and leave if problems occur.

 5.     If already injured or shot play dead.

 6.     Your top priority is to make it out alive; don’t play hero if you don’t have the advantage.

 These are just a few tips to help you and your family during an active shooter situation, as we live in a world that it’s better to be prepared rather than be complacent. For more information about active shooter tips and drills make sure to visit: